Evalar has supported more than 100 nursing homes

More than 200,000 units of antiseptic drugs were transferred by the pharmaceutical company "Evalar" to nursing homes under the patronage of the charity fund "Old Age in Joy". Assistance was sent to more than 100 nursing homes and other social institutions from the Voronezh Region to the Republic of Buryatia.

The elderly and people with disabilities, as well as employees of the foundation and volunteers need personal protective equipment, which is a matter of first necessity for them. Evalar has been cooperating with the Old Age in Joy Foundation for several years – in December 2020, 50,000 personal protective equipment was transferred to the Foundation's wards in the Siberian Federal District.

"Old Age in Joy" was created in 201, the Foundation supports more than 600 nursing homes and neuropsychiatric boarding schools across the country, as well as people living at home. 

As the Director of the charity fund "Old Age in Joy" Elizaveta Oleskina stated: "For more than 10 years we have been conducting projects related to medicine and care, and we are constantly faced with a shortage of high-quality personal protective and hygiene products. Therefore, the help of the Evalar company is very crucial for us. A good business with reliable professional partners brings twice as much benefit. Thank you all so much!"

Vladimir Khlunov, Executive Director of Evalar, also noted: "It is believed that the attitude towards the elderly is a mirror of the civility of any society. It is not the first time we have collaborated with the Old Age in Joy Foundation, and the support of its wards on New Year's Eve is already becoming a good tradition for us. We hope that the non-toxic antiseptics that we are passing on this time will help preserve the fragile health of the elderly, and the staff and volunteers of the foundation will feel more protected."