Evalar and Sobirator launched a plastic bottles collection campaign.

The pharmaceutical company has launched an environmental campaign called "Protecting Nature and Health Together with Evalar." 

The partner in this initiative is the eco-project "Sobirator," which brings together experts on waste separation, recycling, and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Starting fr om July 2nd, special eco-boxes are installed in all Moscow Evalar pharmacies, wh ere anyone can deposit plastic bottles labeled with the number 2. All the collected material will be sent for recycling.

Plastic takes around 450 years to decompose. During this time, it causes irreparable damage to ecosystems, the world's oceans, poses a threat to animals and birds, and pollutes the soil and water. In collaboration with the eco-project "Sobirator," Evalar encourages its consumers to not only care about their own health but also contribute to a clean future for our planet.

The company uses the safest type of plastic for manufacturing products packaging category 2 high-density polyethylene. This plastic can be reused up to four times. Now, empty bottles from Evalars products with this labeling can be deposited in the eco-boxes, which are available in every Evalars Moscow pharmacy. 

"As we approach Evalar's 30th anniversary, we are opening a new chapter in our history. As we evolve, we contemplate how to fulfill our potential, become better, more modern, and more environmentally friendly. That is why we have decided to go further, expand the scope of our responsibility, and focus on a caring attitude towards the environment. Our customers now have the opportunity to contribute to a clean future for our planet by doing simple things," noted Natalia Prokopyeva, Chair of the Board of Directors of Evalar CJSC.