Cystitis: a low blow

Within one year, 7,000,000 people consult doctors for cystitis in the USA, and at least 100,000 of them require urgent hospitalization. If cystitis is not cured in time, it can provoke complications in many pregnant women, including premature birth and miscarriages. In Russia, the situation is not much better.

Where did it come from?!

The body of any person is home to bacteria. There are not only beneficial, but also disease-causing ones, such as staphylococci, streptococci, E. coli, etc. All of them are not a threat if a person is healthy, but as soon as the body’s defenses weaken, the bacteria start multiplying rapidly and spread throughout the body. The organs that are in contact with the external environment are their first target, so the urinary tract is particularly vulnerable.

Weather usually contributes to the autumn exacerbation of cystitis: cold, dampness, and piercing wind weaken the body that is used to comfortably warm summer, and dormant infections try to take advantage of it. 

What is to be done?

First of all, try to prevent the occurrence of cystitis and follow a few simple rules:

• spend more time outdoors and lead an active lifestyle, this will improve your immune defenses

• do not catch cold, take care that you are always warm, especially in the vulnerable area

• choose comfortable underwear made of natural fibers (no G-strings, as their cut makes it easier for E. coli to enter the bladder)

• watch your diet: it should include fruits and vegetables that increase the body’s resistance to infections due to the content of vitamins and organic acids

• drink more fluids: water speeds up the metabolism and removes toxins from the body faster. If you get cystitis nevertheless, do not follow the advice of friends and the Internet thoughtlessly, avoid self-medication and consult a doctor. Without a treatment regimen properly chosen by a specialist, cystitis will become chronic with constant recurrences and complications, from pyelonephritis to infertility.