Curcumin: what should you know?

In its homeland, India, it is included in the daily diet, and Indians consume it on average 1.5-2 grams per day. No wonder they suffer several times less from different types of cancer than Europeans. Between 2006 and 2015, more than 9,000 works were published on the marvelous properties of curcumin!

Curcumin helps fight cancer cells, causing their natural decay and at the same time doing no harm to healthy ones. It is proved that this substance has a positive effect on patients with Alzheimer's disease as it destroys platelets. This food additive has a unique ability to restore the “operative condition” of heart cells, penetrating into membranes and making them immune to infections. When used regularly, it increases in the body the concentration of a special peptide - cathelicidin, which has antimicrobial properties, and therefore helps fight viruses, fungi and bacteria. Curcumin food additive is good for gastrointestinal issues, in particular for ulcers, cholelithiasis and gastritis.

Curcumin is effective for rheumatism, arthritis and arthrosis: it helps relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. In addition, curcumin can be helpful in treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases. Being a natural antioxidant, curcumin normalizes blood pressure and helps to slow down atherogenesis. An interesting feature of curcumin is that it helps to improve metabolic processes, which can accelerate the loss of stored fat.

Which curcumin is “right” and how to choose it?

Before choosing a curcumin, one may wonder: why not just use the spice itself more often. The answer is simple: it will not be enough. When choosing a remedy, the key factor lies in its bioavailability (absorption). And the curcumin of the spice has a low bioavailability and is absorbed by the body by only 5-10%. But scientists have found a way to solve this problem using top-notch technologies. To ensure that the curcumin extracted from the spice is fully absorbed, it is brought into a micellar state and that guarantees 100% absorbption.

“Micellar” derives from New Latin micella from Latin mica (“crumb”). Micelle is a very small cell which acts as a natural conductor. A micelle which contains a certain substance is capable to be absorbed in the body at the maximum.

Choose the micellar curcumin — this is the most easily digestible curcumin — a powerful helper for your health!