Cholesterol Under Controlol

People with high cholesterol level have to wage permanent and relentless war on it. First of all, cholesterol is a “building material” for atherosclerotic plaques, that accumulate on the inner walls of blood vessels; it gradually affects all the cardiovascular system. The result can be dreadful and irreversible – an unexpected heart attack or blood stroke, diabetes, obesity, hypertension.

There exist a number of ways to keep cholesterol under control, the most prevalent one being treatment with satins. However, administration of such pharmaceuticals can be accompanied with a large number of side effects: headaches and muscular pains, chronic fatigue and insomnia, digestive disorders (nausea, vomiting), repeated allergies. And this is far from being a complete list.  

Natural Alternative

Life does not stand still, and as of today natural pharmaceuticals have been developed to control high level of cholesterol while avoiding side effects that appear in the event of administering synthetic medications.   

Red clover and its preparations are believed to be the best natural vessel cleanser of cholesterol plaques. A unique effect of red clover is that it helps to keep balance between “bad” and “good” cholesterol: it reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol that is the cause of many diseases and retains the normal level of “good” cholesterol required by humans for adequate brain performance and for secretion of such hormones as testosterone and estrogen.

Also, it is important to correct your way of life – primarily, to keep diet.

The following are a few major principles of the anti-cholesterol diet:

• Give priority to steamed, boiled or stewed food;

• reduce consumption of fatty meats, milk products with higher fat content, include sea fish in your ration;  

• Drink around 1.5 l of water a day to support the body but not to overexert the kidneys;  

• Also, it is desirable to eat smaller portions at regular intervals, to avoid hunger and overnutrition. For a proper diet, it is critical to achieve full balance of nutrients consumed with meals. Food should not be repetitive.   

Administering red clover-based pharmaceuticals and keeping to an anti-cholesterol diet, one can make meaningful progress in controlling high cholesterol level.