Brand No.1 in the food supplements market celebrates its 30th anniversary

On December 24th, Evalar marked its 30th anniversary. Over the years, the company has sold more than 1.5 billion packages of its products, making "Evalar'' the brand of choice for every third Russian consumer. The international research company Euromonitor International has recognized the company as the leader in volume sales of multicomponent food supplements among companies in Eastern Europe, Russia, and the CIS countries.

In the 30 years since its foundation, "Evalar'' has come a long way from being a small regional company to becoming the absolute national leader in the production of dietary supplements.

Leader by nature "Evalar '' stood at the forefront of the Russian food supplements market. As the founder of the company Larisa Prokopyeva notes: "In 1991, we were the first in the country to register food supplements, so, the term 'food supplements' is also celebrating its 30th anniversary."

Despite the global transformation of the dietary supplements market in the last 3-4 years, which is associated with the arrival of new generations of consumers, digitization of sales channels, and the pandemic that has further accelerated the shift to online, "Evalar" maintains its leadership, consistently holding a high market share in the pharmacy food supplements market (17.25%, according to DSM for the first 10 months of 2021) and increasing its presence in the pharmaceutical market. 

As the CEO of the company states: "Today, 'Evalar' is not only the manufacturer of well-known products such as Fitolax, Ovesol, Motherwort Forte, Neftosten, and Hepatrin. Today, our product range has been actively expanded: it includes effervescent vitamins, popular minerals in chelated forms, beauty novelties, new natural medicines and vitamin gummies. Now on the shelves of pharmacies and online storefronts of marketplaces, you will increasingly see our new lilac packaging."

New sales channels.

According to DSM Group, "Evalar" has already taken the first place in sales among dietary supplement manufacturers in the pharmacy e-commerce segment, with a 14.3% share (in rubles) for the first three quarters of 2021 compared to the same period last year.

As the Evalar Chairwoman of the Board of Directors Natalia Prokopyeva stated: "Today, 'Evalar' products are present on all major marketplaces: Ozon, SberMegaMarket, Apteka.Ru, ZdravSiti, and others." At the same time, the company actively develops its ecosystem of direct sales through its own electronic trading channels - the official online store "Evalar," the pharmacy network "Evalar," as well as the marketplace for health and beauty products called "Phytomarket."

Preserving traditions and striving for the future

On December 24th, on the company's 30th anniversary, "Evalar" launched two new digital products: a new corporate website and an updated online store. As the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors Natalia Prokopyeva stated: “The new company website was launched as part of the company's business digitization strategy and the construction of a healthy lifestyle ecosystem. The update was based on the analysis of the main customer needs and the formation of a corresponding structure and navigation. For this purpose, sociological research was conducted, involving about 1,000 people from different social groups in Russian key cities.”

The interface proposed by the developers is designed to make the movement of the consumer on the site as simple and intuitive as possible: "Today we live in a world overloaded with information, and it is increasingly difficult for people to focus on reading and comprehending large amounts of textual information. Therefore, there are fewer texts on the pages – the main focus is now on easy-to-read photo and video content," explains Natalia Prokopyeva.

The site is implemented on a modern technological platform using current developments in the field of web technologies, and is also adapted for optimal display on all devices, which allows you to use all its features both on a computer and laptop, and on mobile devices of all operating systems.