Brain doping

It's no secret that today's economy demands tons of intelligence, stress resistance and maximum IQ.


Brain doping in the era of intellectuals

If we look at sports, we’ll see that when money and reputation are on the line, doping becomes an irresistible temptation. No wonder scientists around the world will always work on creating a “magic pill” that will help everyone to achieve incredible results both in business and everyday life by accelerating the brain to a desired speed.

Now, brain doping hardly belongs to science fiction any more.


Theanine as natural brain booster

The Japanese have discovered a unique agent that awakens working activity and intellectual work capacity, improves memory and gives creative energy - it is the amino acid L-theanine. It is theanine that acts as a brain booster, but at the same time it does not cause neural excitability, on the contrary, it helps maintain your composure and clarity of mind. Theanine is a real doping for brain. Many clinical experiments conducted by the Japanese prove that theanine is not only effective, but also safe, since it is extracted from green tea.


Correct dosage

According to research, the optimal effective dose of theanine should be at least 500 mg, while a regular green tea cup has only 10-20 mg and also raises blood pressure due to caffeine, thereby increasing stress. It is much simpler, and more effective, to take medications containing theanine: 2 capsules are enough to feel the its full effect.