Contributes to quick stress relief. Lozenges: easy administration in any situation


Specialists all over the world note: underestimating the danger of stress is harmful for health! Stress, like a worm, “eats away” the body from within, wears it away, makes it weak. As a result: anxiety turns to paranoia, irritability – into aggression, body defenses decrease, chronic illnesses develop… and the person’s life is literally “running off the rails”. That is why it is so important to eliminate the signs of stress as soon as possible, not letting them develop and reveal themselves.

MigStress is the first to combine the components with a proven anti-stress effect: glycine, passiflora, griffonia. Combined in one tablet, these ingredients produce an immediate anti-stress action, enhancing each other’s effect.

The product form – lozenges – ensures the maximal rate of active substances absorption. It is important to note that MigStress does not induce drowsiness and tolerance or decrease attention concentration.

You do not need to take lozenges with water, therefore you can take MigStress anywhere: at work, during a meeting, at the wheel, in public transport etc. The others will not even notice that you are nervous – the signs of stress will disappear without revealing themselves in any way.

Let anxiety and irritability become things of the past – MigStress will surely protect your nervous system from upheavals and unwanted distress.

Active ingredients:

Glycine is an amino acid essential for central nervous system (CNS) function. It balances out excitation and inhibitory processes in CNS, increases mental performance, facilitates the elimination of depressive state and increased irritability, as well as promotes maintaining healthy sleep.

Passiflora increases overall working capacity, helps the body fight stress, handle physical and emotional overstrain, has a calming effect. It is used at hyperexcitability.

Griffonia is a shrub of the bean family coming from West Africa. Its active substances are tryptophan derivatives. Griffonia promotes the production of serotonin hormone, which plays an important role in the body: it calms down nervous system, improves mood, regulates appetite and improves sleep. It is used for depression, insomnia, migraines, anxiety.

Dietary supplement. Not a pharmaceutical product.

Method of Administration

Recommendations for use: For adults - 1 tablet up to 4 times a day. Keep the tablet under the tongue until it is fully dissolved.

Contraindications: Personal intolerance to the components, pregnancy, breast-feeding. Consultation with a doctor is recommended before use.


glycine, sorbitol (carrier), passiflora extract, gum arabic (carrier), griffonia extract, cocoa powder, calcium stearate and amorphous silica (anti-caking agents), natural flavoring “Chocolate”

Quantity of Useful Substances

Quantity in 4 tablets (daily dose) and % of recommended daily intake level (adequate level)


1,200 mg


Passiflora extract
including flavonoids in terms of vitexin, not less than

320 mg
5.76 mg


Griffonia extract
(5- hydroxytryptophan)

100 mg


Shelf Life

Shelf life - 3 years. Expiry 12.2023.


Evalar, RUSSIA

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