Pantocrine Panteya, medicine, drops

The first medicinal product based on the antlers (new horns) of the Altay marals. Marals’ antlers (new horns) are a valuable natural raw material, unsurpassed in its unique biological ability to heal the human body. Pantocrine Panteya stimulates the central nervous and cardiovascular systems, fills the body with appreciable energy.

Due to its tonic and stimulating properties, it helps to recover after the diseases. This medicine is especially necessary for men. Relieving fatigue, toning up and stimulating the virility, Pantocrine Panteya restores men’s determination and self-control, enhancing the pleasure in sexual relaxation. The product has a long-term treating effect, instead of a short-lived stimulation. It can be taken as an emergency remedy, or as a course of treatment, for therapeutic purposes.

Pantocrine Panteya is available in drops (medicine) and tablets (dietary supplement).

Ingredients: Maral Antlers, Alcohol.

Does not contain GMO
For men
No Gluten
No preservatives, or artificial colors
No sugar
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Barcode: 4602242005070