Many people complain about insomnia caused by the infection during the active virus period. But there are other factors that can disturb sleep: busy schedule, family troubles, problems of those who are near and dear to us, alarming news reports... It has to be noted: the realities of modern life consist of constant stress. And if insomnia has become a real problem for you, consider Reason. It is an innovative1 powerful bioactive complex, with a unique formulation1 developed by our experts. They have combined the power of eleven natural and body-related active ingredients - extracts of "sleepy" herbs, amino acids, vitamin and mineral complex in accurately balanced doses, which are quickly absorbed due to their easily accessible2 form of a hot drink with a soothing honey flavor. The product is not addictive, even when taken over a long period of time.3

Note that we have released two new products: Reason with melatonin and Reason with 5-HTP. Each contains:

  • amino acids - glycine, L-tryptophan and L-theanine

  • extracts of green tea, passion flower, Eschscholzia and hops

  • vitamins B3 and B6

  • magnesium

The products differ by one component: the first product contains melatonin, and the second contains 5-hydroxytryptophan.

With its powerful composition, synergism of active ingredients and release form Reason:2

  • helps to fall asleep more easily

  • promotes healthy and restful sleep

In our opinion, it is a perfect solution for those who follow the trends and would like to be among the first to try an innovative1 product developed by Evalar experts for improved sleep!

Besides, a cup of delicious hot drink Reason will be a perfect addition to your evening ritual of preparing for the "journey to the kingdom of Morpheus". Just add 100 ml of hot, but not boiling water to 1 sachet of our product!2 The drink is non-GMO, lactose-free and gluten-free.

You can find both our new products in any Evalar pharmacy, on and fitomarket marketplace. Reason with 5-HTP can also be bought in other pharmacies nationwide.


1 In the product range of "Evalar" JSC.

2 Approved by Certificate of State Registration ╣ AM. dated of 10.05.2021, AM. dated of 18.06.2021.

3 According to the Certificate of State Registration, the duration of intake is 1 month, but if necessary, treatment can be repeated.