Many people complain about hair loss after viral infections. This problem cannot be solved only with the help of cosmetics. Nutritional support from within is extremely important. Especially after winter, when our hair suffered from lack of vitamins and minerals, exposed to frost, wind and dry indoor air.

Especially for this purpose we have developed a beauty novelty Biotin Hair Complex - a balanced combination of 8 ingredients: a powerful* dosage of biotin, innovative* French-manufactured hydrolyzed keratin and 6 other ingredients in an easily accessible1 form of effervescent tablets to make your hair be admired. The complex promotes the delivery of nutrients into the hair follicles, optimizing their metabolic processes, reducing hair loss, hair fragility and dryness.2 The mango-flavored drink does not contain any artificial flavours, dyes or preservatives.

How the ingredients work

1. Biotin in a powerful* dosage of 600 micrograms in 1 tablet plays an important role in the nutrition of hair follicles. It is involved in the generation of keratin – the main structural protein of hair, helps to prevent dryness and split ends.3

2. Hydrolyzed keratin is important for restoring damaged hair structure and gives hair elasticity and gloss.3 Research has shown that keratin facilitates hair gloss by 65%, increases hair growth by 18% and reduces hair loss by 20-47%.4

3. Selenium activates metabolism in hair follicles and the formation of new cells.3

4. Zinc regulates the sebaceous glands, participates in the renewal of scalp cells and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and keratin.5.

5. Vitamin B3 is necessary for the formation of hair pigment, prevents the premature appearance of gray hair.6

6. The amino acids methionine and cystine are necessary for the keratin formation, prevent dehydration and help to maintain healthy hair structure.7

7. Arginine promotes the vasodilation, the delivery of oxygen and all the nutrients to the scalp and hair roots.8 

You can buy our new beauty product in any pharmacy of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies of the country. You can also find it at our and marketplace.


* In the range of products of “Evalar” JSC.

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