Do you know why Mediterranean people have dozens of times lower rate of mortality from blood circulation problems than people in other European countries? The secret is olive oil, one of the main components in popular Mediterranean diet. It contains a rare biologically active substance oleuropein. However, olive tree leaves are even richer in this component. So why don’t you get oleuropein in an easier and more reliable way, taking our novelty product VitaBotanica Oliva. It contains pure olive leaf extract standardized for oleuropein content (15%) in vegetarian capsules. The daily dose of two capsules contains 600 mg of the extract, including 90 mg oleuropein. To get the same amount of this substance from oil, you have to drink more than half a glass of it.

Properties of olive leaf extract

Research results demonstrate positive effects on cardiovascular function, including blood pressure, heart contractility and heart rate, as well as vascular health.1

In addition to oleuropein, olive leaf extract contains a polyphenol complex with strong antioxidant properties, and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic effect.2,3 And there’s more to it!


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Discover even more benefits of olive leaf extract with our novelty product VitaBotanica Oliva that contributes to:1

  • strengthening immune defense and improving the body’s resistance to viral infections;

  • supporting cardiovascular system function, including heart rate and blood pressure;

  • maintaining normal blood sugar levels;

  • improving stamina, replenishing energy and reducing fatigue;

  • antioxidant protection and fighting free radicals;

  • maintaining the beauty of skin and hair.

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1 Approved by Marketing Authorization No. ÀÌ. on 15.03.2022.