Evalar augments its popular line of effervescent complexes of specific action and presents two preparations at once. The first novelty is a cool energetic, especially for those who are used to for go all out and needs to get second wind. For them we developed a complex called Energy. And our second novelty will be useful for those who don’t mind to arrange a cheat meal –in the family circle or in friends’ company. The name of this preparation speaks for itself: Digestion.

The tropical fruit flavored Energy has a truly powerful composition: caffeine, L- carnitine, taurine, amber acid, extract guarana and the most important Â-group vitamins: a total of 11 best1 “energetic” ingredients. They are easier to digest due to their effervescent form2 and acting in synergism with each other, contribute to:3

  • energy surge with increased mental workload and physical exercise,

  • increased working capacity and mood amelioration,

  • decreased tiredness and drowse.

Add Energy to yourself, whatever you do: from an ascension to a mountain peak to hard work in the office, when the going gets tough, and there is no time for a proper rest, unfortunately.

By the way, concerning vacations. Many people are used to spend them… tasty. However, overeating “for company”, excess eating at a party and constant quick meals of fast food become the reason of derangement of digestion and lead to fatty liver disease. The new preparation Digestion in the easily-accessible2 effervescent form by Evalar contains betaine citrate. A betaine molecule consists of the amino acid native to the body – glycine with three methyl groups attached. Such composition gives special properties to betaine. In our novelty this substance is contained in the physiological form of citrate and contributes to:4

  • enzyme action,

  • better food digestion,

  • decreased fat content in the liver.

And as a bonus - a refreshing lemon aroma of a ready-made effervescent drink.

You can purchase our novelties in any brand pharmacy of the Evalar chain and in other pharmacies of the country. You can also find them at and the Fitomarket marketplace.


1 In the range of CJSC Evalar.

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