According to the leading experts, cholecalciferol, or vitamin D3, is considered the top choice form of vitamin D aimed to replenish its deficiency1. This vitamin is produced by Evalar in different dosages and forms of presentation – for individual needs and preferences. For those who need an increased dosage of vitamin D and appreciate the convenience of intake, we recommend paying attention to Vitamin D3 Forte 5000 IU. This is the maximum* dosage of natural2 “sunshine” vitamin in every chewable tablet with strawberry flavour.

Let us remind the multifaceted properties of vitamin D3, which are fully present in our novelty. Vitamin D3 Forte 5000 IU promotes2:

  • immunity activation at the cellular level and reduction of the risk of cold-related infections;
  • support of the cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive systems;
  • better calcium absorption;
  • bones and teeth strengthening;
  • increased muscle strength;
  • increase of serotonin, the “hormone of happiness” and improve mood.
This novelty is produced from high quality raw materials from a leading manufacturer in Germany. We do not add extra auxiliary ingredients, gluten or GMOs to the tablets. And the pleasant strawberry flavour of the drug is achieved only by natural flavoring.

You can buy Vitamin D3 Forte 5000 IU in branded Evalar pharmacies and other pharmacies in the country. You can also find it on our branded and fitomarket marketplace.

* In the range of JSC Evalar products.
Vitamin D deficiency in adults: diagnostics, treatment and prevention. Study guide: Clinical Recommendations of the Russian Association of Endocrinologists. - M.-Tver: Triad Publishing House LLC, 2020. P. 21.
Confirmed by SoGR ÀÌ. of 23.06.2022