Seven highly active ingredients of the advanced formula1 of LymphoTransit complex contribute to reduction of vascular permeability, strengthening of the vascular wall, elimination of excess fluid from tissues by activating the lymphatic drainage and urinary system and detoxification. Due to the effervescent tablets the intake of the novelty has become more convenient1 and tasty.

Prolonged accumulation of fluid in the body is dangerous. It constricts tissues and organs, disturbs blood circulation, reduces the supply of nutrients and oxygen, disturbs the fluid and electrolyte balance and accumulates toxins. The edematous tissue is easily infected and inflamed. That is why it is necessary to eliminate excessive water.

Especially for this purpose, we have improved1 the formula of our LymphoTransit complex in its composition and form of presentation. It includes only the plant ingredients that are natural for the body: concentrated black elder sap, highly active extracts of nettle, cherry fruit stalks, cranberries, corn stigmas and catĺs claw, enhanced with vitamin C. Extracts are made from selected highly purified raw materials using state of the art technology, which allows to preserve all the biologically active substances of plants in high concentrations.

Such composition provides this novelty with a complex of properties aimed at the problem of edema and accumulation of toxins. The new LymphoTranzit in effervescent tablets by Evalar promotes:2

  • activation of the lymphatic system;

  • improvement of lymphatic flow;

  • diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect;

  • reduction of edema;

  • elimination of toxins from the body.

Compared with the beverage concentrate1, 2 glasses of water are required for daily (twice per day) intake of LymphoTransit in effervescent tablets, that is 0.4 liters instead of 1 liter. The drug does not contain any preservatives or sugar. But it will please you with the sappy black currant flavour.

You can buy the new LymphoTransit in effervescent tablets in branded Evalar pharmacies and other pharmacies in the country. You can also find it on our branded and fitomarket marketplace

* In the range of JSC Evalar products.
In comparison with LymphoTransit in the form of concentrated drink
Confirmed by SOGR └╠. of 04.07.2022