The rapid outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus infection is a global problem for people all over the world. Unfortunately, no special medicines have been developed so far for the treatment and prevention of COVID-19. The lack of medications with clinically proven efficacy has led foreign virologists to increased interest in the study of natural substances, the obvious advantage of which is low toxicity and absence of side effects.

For example, one of the articles in the journal Medical Alphabet is devoted to dihydroquercetin, a bioflavonoid of Siberian larch, a unique natural regulator, a standard antioxidant and vascular protector1. It has attracted the attention of researchers because of its many properties as well as its ability to resist a new virus.

One of the striking features of COVID-19 is known to be vascular damage and thrombosis. Dihydroquercetin strengthens the walls of blood vessels and capillaries, protecting them from damage, improves microcirculation and prevents the formation of blood clots1. It also has an immunomodulatory effect and stimulates the production of interferons and antibodies1. Finally, dihydroquercetin helps to maintain normal functions of the bronchopulmonary system, which is also extremely important in the fight against coronavirus1.


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Dihydroquercetin Evalar - is the first dihydroquercetin in Russia1, registered as a drug that helps to maintain normal airflow in the bronchi, the tone of the bronchial wall, lung and bronchial functions. 2

Dihydroquercetin Evalar contains a high dosage of pure dihydroquercetin obtained from the raw material of Siberian larch - 25 mg per tablet3 and is made from high quality raw materials with the degree of purification - 98-100%4. Which together provides the maximum potency of the active ingredient for the health of the respiratory organs, heart, blood vessels and immunity in general.

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1 According to the Unified Register of State Registration Certificates, October 2020.

2 Confirmed by SGR No. KZ. dated January 30, 2019.

3 100% of the adequate daily intake

4 According to the data of the internal incoming inspection. Test report No. C-754, C-966, C-96.