Hyalironic acid: myths and reality

MYTH 1: Hyaluronic acid is not effectivewhen ingested
IN FACT: The intake of hyaluronic acid capsules is a simple and effective method of preventing age-related skin changes. Long-term administration has a beneficial effect on the whole organism and promotes deep moisturizing of the skin, improving its tone and elasticity, preserving the mobility and flexibility of the joints.
The first medicinal product, including hyaluronic acid in its composition, was produced in 1960. In 1979 the first cosmetic product appeared with a basis of hyaluronic acid.

MYTH 2: Three kinds of hyaluronic acid in the capsule are better than two
IN FACT: The human body contains only 2 types of hyaluronic acid: low molecular weight (less than 1 000 000 Da) and high molecular weight (more than 1 000 000 Da), and in such a ratio that content of high molecular weight is greater. Thus, the combination of two types of hyaluronic acid is more effective because it is similar in proportion to hyaluronic acid in healthy skin cells.

MYTH 3: When administrating hyaluronic acid per os, side effects may occur
IN FACT: Hyaluronic acid is an integral part of our body, therefore, its additional administration can not give any side effects (except for individual intolerance). To avoid the risk, you should choose high-quality products that contain high-purity hyaluronic acid. In most cases, dietary supplements with hyaluronic acid will not have a negative effect, but will only contribute to improving the health and beauty of the skin.