Fall Asleep Easily and Wake Up with Joy!

Synthetic sleeping medicines produce a psychoactive inhibitory action on the central nervous system, which may result in side effects: heavy awakening in the mornings, inhibition during the day-time, etc. Whereas, in contrast, natural and body related substances improve sleep in a natural way: without changing the natural cycle and structure of sleep. They do not cause nightmares, do not affect the awakening, there is no feeling of drowsiness and you are fit to drive a vehicle. They also have positive effect on health in general. Let us review these substances in more detail.

First of all, the sleep quality depends on the level of melatonin in the body. It is called the “hormone of sleep”. It was proved experimentally that natural – endogenic – melatonin (produced in the body) is more effective for health improvement than the one administered in the form of synthetic pharmaceutical.

Also, it is worthwhile to draw your focus toward glycine, an amino acid, a deficiency of which can also result in poor sleep. It is especially necessary for those who experience constant nervous tension and mental fatigue, which exhaust the nervous system and prevent from normal relaxing and falling asleep. Glycine normalizes central nervous system processes, thus assisting to relieve psycho-emotional tension and improve sleep.

If we sleep well at night, we see life in bright colors, we are full of energy and optimism to perform daily tasks. On the contrary, when we do not get enough sleep, even the small daily problems drive us to despair and deject spirits. However, few people know that the normal “sleep-wake” cycle depends on the level of tryptophan amino acid in the body. Entering the body only from the outside (e.g., with food), tryptophan acts like “two-in-one” substance: during the day it produces serotonin – the “hormone of happiness”, and during the night, melatonin – the “hormone of sleep”, that provides for sound sleep, as has already been mentioned. Therefore, additional administration of tryptophan improves health condition day and night, especially during short daylight hours in winter.

After the deficiency of substances responsible for sound sleep is eliminated, it is important to get rid of all the unnecessary factors that hinder sleep. For instance, it is critical to eliminate such drinks as strong tea and coffee from your “evening tea-time”. All they contain caffeine, that is, as is well known, an enemy of sound sleep. Therefore, it is advisable to replace your usual tea and coffees with a cup of fragrant herbal tea with “sleeping” herbs.